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Some Thoughts On Social Entrepreneurism

Hi! I was thinking how I might tackle the topic of mission-driven businesses and social entrepreneurship and it reminded me how many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of a mission-driven business. There is so much great press on the terms of the day: green, eco friendly, fair trade, social entrepreneurism, and this seems [...]

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The Ultimate Home Office

I know… The home office sounds to some like a place where you might escape the wound-up intensity of the corporate world. But the home-based business warriors in the StartupNation community know better. Just because we’re working from home and sidestepping the commute-and-cubicle drudgery doesn’t mean our feet are kicked up on our desks as [...]

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Doing business internationally

There are a few main methods of scaling your business, including: investing more in online or offline advertising, franchising your company, opening up offices in other cities and countries, expanding your business into the international market. With the advent of the Internet and email marketing, the markets of the world have become more accessible to [...]

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eBay’s Latest Head-Scratching Promotion

Hi gang,  Late last week,  eBay rolled a new site promotion.   Here it is, taken from the Community Announcements board at eBay.com: ***Offer Free Shipping and Get 15% off your Final Value Fees from May 23-June 1*** Hi everyone. Offering free shipping is a great way to make your items stand out from your competition. Buyers love [...]

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Working Through the (Holiday) Weekend

Woo-Hoo!! Memorial Day weekend is here!! It’s the unofficial kickoff to the summer months. A time when the working world gears up for outdoor activities, fun and frivolity. Today in my hometown of Detroit the baseball Tigers, basketball Pistons and hockey Red Wings all have home games, two of them playoff games, and one of [...]

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Sales continued: Listening to your customers

In his book, Succeed and Grow Rich through Persuasion, Napoleon Hill listed eleven traits that the successful salesperson must possess. I have adapted these and created my own Nine Traits a Successful Salesperson Must Have: Knowledge of merchandise Belief in the merchandise or service Knowledge of the prospective buyer Ability to make the prospective buyer [...]

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