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What Playing Hooky Can Teach You About Business

Hi gang, So, I blew off work on Tuesday.  I work for myself, so I didn’t have to get anyone’s permission or face any consequences.  Of course, I still had to clear it with the boss at home because I was going out of town.   She luckily saw the "I’m going to jump out of [...]

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The importance of blogging for your business

Last week I explained how important it was to become involved in your local communities by being enlightened entrepreneurs. Your email newsletters can be powerful tools in creating awareness for your favorite charity or non-profit organization. Once you begin to hire employees, your company can create a matched giving policy where you can encourage your [...]

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Creating a matched giving policy

My previous post explained the importance of being an enlightened entrepreneur and giving back to your community through your business. You can use your email newsletters to announce to your customers which charities and non-profit organizations are important to you. Today’s post also deals with content you can include in your email messages about charitable [...]

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Giving Back

Last time, I outlined the main provisions of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and discussed how it affects your online marketing campaigns. This law passed by Congress establishes guidelines for those businesses that send out commercial emails, and was drafted to help cut down on the volume of spam through the Today, I will explain [...]

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