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How the CAN-SPAM Act affects online marketing

Spam is defined as unsolicited mass email to persons with whom you do not have a business relationship or have not requested (confirmed or opted-in to) your mailing. In 2003, Congress passed the CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing) to establish guidelines for those businesses that send out commercial emails, and [...]

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Spring Cleaning

In my last post, I talked about using contests as an alternative method for tracking your email newsletters. Having an occasional contest can provide you with an opportunity to see which of your customers are truly interested in your company. In honor of the beginning of the spring season, today I will discuss how cleaning [...]

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Using Contests as an Alternative Tracking Method

Last time I explained the pros and cons of using images in your email messages. Including high-quality images can have a dramatic effect on the way customers perceive your business, but they need to be used conservatively, as most email clients will block them from displaying unless the email recipient allows them to be shown. [...]

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Using Images in Your Email Newsletters

In the past two weeks, I’ve given you the top twenty keys to online marketing, which can be used as a guide as you launch your marketing campaigns. Today, I’m going to get back to talking about tips you can utilize while creating your email messages. Similar to a previous blog post about the possible [...]

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Small Business in a Rough Economy

A crumbling stock market. The credit crunch. Gasoline approaching $4/gallon. Plummeting house prices. How are these impacting small businesses? At PFL, we talk to thousands of business people every week, most of them in companies with 20 or fewer employees. Small businesses are in touch with their customers, and can sense economic trends long before they hit [...]

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Conclusion of Keys to Online Marketing 16-20

This post wraps up the discussion of the top twenty keys to online marketing. I recommend using these tips as a guide when beginning your marketing campaigns, and hone in on the ones that work best for your business. Keys to Online Marketing 16-20*: Remember that business is all about relationships and communication. Always work [...]

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Online Marketing Keys Continued 11-15

I’m back today to bring you more keys to online marketing. Several of these tips concern advertising your business, product, or service once you create your email newsletter. Keys to Online Marketing 11-15* 11.  Supplement your affiliate advertising with both online and traditional advertising. Track your results by doing frequent Return on Investment (ROI) checks. [...]

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Online Marketing Keys 6 – 10

This post is a continuation of the top twenty keys to online marketing that I began discussing earlier in the week. These particular tips deal more with the entrepreneurial aspects of marketing your business or products online, and can help you attract more potential customers. Keys to Online Marketing 6 – 10*: If you are [...]

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eBay: Best Match or Best Mess ?

Hi gang, eBay announced this week that their new Best Match search functionality will become the default search method starting ….. right now! Here is their announcement that they posted on their public information board: “Hello everyone…This is Jamie Iannone, VP of Buyer Experience on eBay. As most buyers and sellers know, eBay’s Best Match [...]

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The Twenty Keys to Online Marketing

My last several posts have dealt with some best practices for creating and sending your email newsletters. Over the next few weeks, I’m going to discuss the top twenty keys to successfully market your business, service or products online. Once you believe you have created a strong business model, you can use your email newsletters [...]

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