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Archive for February, 2008

Beware of Backgrounds in Your Email Messages

In my previous blog post, I went over the importance of having good subject lines to avoid having your email messages flagged as spam. Today, I will discuss the question of whether to use or not use backgrounds in your email newsletters. When you are in the process of creating your newsletter, you will usually [...]

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Great business community

Jeff and I had the pleasure of keynoting at an entrepreneurs’ conference in Green Bay, Wisc., yesterday. We were struck by how committed they were to fostering startups and growing the small business community. Met some great entrepreneurs, including Thomas Sausen of, a really cool gourmet sauce supplier to restaurants. Of course, he showed up [...]

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Why I Love SUN, or Holy Crap I’m On TV!

Hi gang, So, this is life here at SUN.   First,  I write a blog about eBay vs. Amazon.  Next, Rich calls and we do a podcast about it.  Then yesterday, I get a call from Fox News and they say “How fast can you get down to the studio? We want you on national TV [...]

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Podcasts R Us

Hi gang, Boy, do I love to podcast with the Sloans!  Our latest effort appears here: eCommerce Tips To briefly summerize this,  I was asked to give 3 gems of wisdom in deciding your online attack.  Here they are: 1.  Decide where your product will sell for the most money.   There are unbelievable differences in [...]

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The Importance of Good Subject Lines

In the last post, I covered the cleaning and maintaining of your contact lists to help maximize the deliverability for email newsletters. Today, I will review the importance of good subject lines in your email messages.  Have you ever received an email from an unknown source with a subject line that says something like, “SALE [...]

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Kick-butt customer service transformed me

Want to know how to make a customer loyal? And how to get the most out of your relationship with your customers? It’s simple. Do what Patagonia does. Here’s a quick, real-world experience I just had and it blew me away and made me a Patagonia loyalist for life. Background: I bought a shell jacket [...]

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