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Dell to Model Customer Service after PFL

OK, maybe I’m extrapolating a little with that headline. But it is nice to see that Dell is looking at going to a team system for improved customer service. We made that move five years ago, and our customers love it. Check out this article from Service Untitled, which is a great site for all [...]

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Targeting a portion of your audience with segmentation

Last time I talked about personalizing your messages. Using your email program’s mail-merge features can help you establish a personal identity with your customers. You can make your messages even more personal by segmenting your contact lists. As marketers, we need to make sure that the content of your message targets the most relevant audience. [...]

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Blackberry: Friend or Foe

I have all the symptoms of an addict: * I think about it when its not there * I’m constantly looking at it when its around * I get nervous if it hasn’t been in my life for an hour Yes, I’m talking about that wonderful and pernicious device, the Blackberry. I am a full-on, [...]

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PBS Show Biz Kid$ getting youth interested in eBay!

I spent this weekend filming for a new TV show on PBS called Biz Kid$. From the producers of the famous kids educational show Bill Nye The Science Guy, Biz Kid$ is targeted at kids ages 8-11, but instead of teaching lessons about science, the show gets kids interested in starting up their own businesses. [...]

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Once upon a time, this product was all the rage

We were at wine-aided dinner the other evening and started in on a discussion of favorite products from eras gone by. There were four of us at the table, and product names and brands starting spewing from our mouths immediately! (See list below – we wrote them down to save and share here.) The products [...]

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Oprah didn’t notice me, but a supermarket chain did!

Well, I wasn’t on Oprah yesterday. Some of you may have noticed. I noticed because I distinctly remember being with my husband during back surgery yesterday. Although there were a lot of curtains around, they weren’t show-business type curtains, but more of the get-naked-and-put-on-this-johnny type. I did have an audience though! My husband has had [...]

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Entrepreneurs have “Attitude”

At StartupNation we see thousands of entrepreneurs. You come in all shapes and sizes. Different ages and hair color. We’ve done radio shows that talk about entrepreneurial characteristics, and articles on the subject of the great “born” vs. “made” debate. You do share many of the same qualities, but there is also fantastic diversity in [...]

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Tips to get started with a online newsletter

In my last post, I raved about how you can get so much marketing mileage out of a newsletter. Having written and published more than 40 consecutive issues of Fresh Ideas, our monthly newsletter on family-friendly healthy eating, I thought I would share a few tips on getting started. Use an online service: We use [...]

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The short, unabridged history of the Internet

One of our team members here at StartupNation found, with some astonishment, a website that has cataloged websites at their varous stages of development since their inception. The website, www.archive.org, has literally created an archive stretching way back to the beginning of Internet time. They have a feature called "The Wayback Machine" (at the top [...]

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PR: Working the Media

One of the best ways to grow your business without breaking the bank is to get free exposure for your company in the news media. Sounds great, but how do you actually get someone to publish the fawning puff piece you always wanted? A number of our managers attended a presentation last week by Cameron [...]

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Personalizing your messages

Mass communication tools help any organization spread their message with lightning speed. As small business owners, we can communicate with clients across the globe. Our messages can be heard in Russia, Germany and Canada simultaneously. However, we also run the risk of seeming impersonal to our clients. Fortunately, we can still give our messages a [...]

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What the new patent ruling means to you

One of the greatest advances born from that incredible American spirit of innovation has been the federal patent system itself. Yes, it definitely has its detractors, but overall it’s been a huge asset for this country and the opportunities for entrepreneurs here for decades. We know first hand – we received several patents, starting with [...]

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New StartupNation Key Moves Podcast

Check out the new podcast series sponsored by Visa Small Business highlighting the key moves that entrepreneurs are making to create successful businesses and achieve their goals. Every week during May and June you’ll hear a new 10-15 minute show and learn about specific tactics and strategies that you can put to work to create [...]

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Getting things done

Entrepreneurs are often go-getters; people that can do anything … for anyone … and, yes, sometimes overcommit. I recently read David Allen’s, Getting Things Done and found it one of the most helpful books I’ve read in 2007. A quick excerpt on the five phases of project planning: You have an urge to make something [...]

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Balancing the frequency of your message broadcasts

When you send messages for a marketing campaign, you have to balance your message frequency. It’s a fine line. Send too often and you’ll annoy the recipients. Send too sparingly and your messages won’t stay in their minds. Either way, you defeat the entire purpose of your campaign. I’ve found that bi-weekly or monthly schedules [...]

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