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Thoughts on a case study

I recently read a case study on Marketing Sherpa about one of the most successful product releases in Trek Bicycle's history. The company released the product after a multi-channel, web-based marketing campaign. The culmination of the campaign was a single well-crafted, perfectly-timed email. The article talks about how the marketing team at Trek Bicycle hyped the product release [...]

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Stella’s Ironic Twists… Labor Day Holiday?

For Americans, as we approach another national holiday that meant something at one time, but is now just an excuse to eat large quantities of trans fat-laden foods and drink impenetrable sums of beer, I pose the question: When will this country’s fastest growing occupation be honored with its own holiday? In other words, when will there [...]

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Building the brand

Don't think because you are "just an eBay business" that you don't need to develop your company into a recognizable brand… One of the most challenging things about operating a business on eBay is that there is such a low barrier to entry. Easy to get started, hard to keep others from doing the same. [...]

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How To Look Big In Your 50+ Business When You’re Really Small

During your first year in business you must continually work at perfecting a subtle, yet critically important game of projecting an image for your new business that says: “I’m established”, “I’m experienced and connected”, and most importantly, “I’m successful”. Most of our start-up clients in our Virtual Incubator Program are solo owners, many running their [...]

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The Cure For Home Business Isolation

If you cruise around Startup Nation’s forums, you’ll probably find folks wondering how to deal with the challenge of running a home business in almost total isolation. Being a solo artist among bands of company men and women isn’t easy. It’s true, the home bizzer has no company picnic, no chats around the water cooler [...]

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Nothing original – just plain inspiring

For all of my friends and the StartupNation community members looking for inspiration, here’s some to get the week under way: (Reprinted from an old Wall Street Journal ad i’ve saved for years and found when I was cleaning out the garage today) If you sometimes get discouraged, consider this fellow: He dropped out of [...]

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