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All hail The Routine!

What is the secret power of the home business entrepreneur? What is the secret of her efficiency? Of his productivity? It is “the Routine.” This ability to multi-task our multi-tasking is our superpower. Our friends and family sense that the power of the Routine gives us the ability to accomplish more things in one hour [...]

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Sign of the times – Internet advertising to sail past radio

On the one hand, I’m a radio guy. On the other hand, I’m a web guy. StartupNation bridges the two universes with it’s nationally syndicated radio program for entrepreneurs and with it’s advice-rich website. The news today that online ad spending will soon surpass the radio advertising spend is not surprising, but it is a sign [...]

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Go back to the beginning

Remember when you first started your business? Why did you do it? What made you think it would be successful? What problem did it solve for people? How was it going to provide a return on your investment (both time and money)? So often, as entrepreneurs we forget all these things. We get so caught [...]

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I saw the whole thing happen. It came at me in slow motion. Frame-by-frame. Like witnessing a train wreck, I was powerless to stop it… Last weekend, I met with some other hard-working home entrepreneurs at the neighborhood park. We do it as regularly as possible. It’s a chance for us to pull ourselves out of our basement [...]

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Just Three Brains

Despite a myriad of thinking patterns and a full range of individual behaviors among those who share this world with the home business entrepreneur, I am convinced that our spouses and significant others rely on only one of three brains. How do I know? Do this experiment: Tell your husband or wife that you are quitting [...]

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Why Are You in Business?

A long vacation provides a much-needed break, but still affords opportunities to get interesting perspectives on how entrepreneurs view their businesses. We just spent a week with extended family on a beautiful island off the coast of British Columbia. A couple of lessons popped up, despite my desire to just take a break. First: the couple [...]

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