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Entrepreneurs vs Business Owners

Is there a difference between an entrepreneur and a business owner? Can you be one and not the other? Or be the other and not the one? Or be neither and still be self employed? Does it make any difference what you are, or probably more importantly, what you call yourself? There’s an interesting discussion [...]

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Do you have a People Strategy?

I’m a big believer in "first who, then what." (From the wonderful book Good to Great) This means that having great people in place is more important than having a super-duper strategy. Why? If you have a great strategy but you don’t have the people who can execute on that strategy, you’re out of luck. [...]

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Tennis and Small Business

I’m a tennis player. Well, let me rephrase … I play tennis. I played last night as a matter of fact. Two hours of singles against guys younger than me. Not bad for a dude with a titanium hip. At this point in my tennis “career” it’s extremely important for me to understand what my [...]

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Entrepreneurs Capture the Flag for Smarts & Prizes

We’ve been running a daily contest the past two weeks at StartupNation.com (there are still 2 days left!) and awarding daily prizes leading up to a Grand Prize drawing. The winner gets $1,000 to go toward starting and growing their small business. The really cool thing is that we have been getting overwhelmingly “I LOVE [...]

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You need to be the best in the world at … something

I was in a Starbucks the other day for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and I was amazed at how the caffeine-ologists were able to create drink after drink without looking at anything in writing. One “associate” would listen to the drink order, call it out to the next guy & at the other end of this [...]

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Time Off

Plain old hard work is a huge component of any successful startup. Sure, great ideas and great people matter as well. But without hard work, and lots of it, success will probably prove elusive. I heard famed management guru Tom Peters speak last week, and he said the same thing: if you want to be [...]

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