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Sometimes an idea comes along that is so simple yet so brilliant, I can’t help but talking about it. Today, that idea is sketchcasting. What is sketchcasting? Sketchcasting takes the concept of giving a presentation at the whiteboard and puts it into a simple video format so that you can easily share your ideas in [...]

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Small Business Marketing

Marketing your franchise (or small business) to a moving target

My uncle and small business owner, Mark Burris, could be your typical 21st century businessman. Let's take a look at his typical morning (pulled from his "IdeaBlog"): Tuesday, July 31. "It’s 5:50a as I write this, and I’m watching via iTunes last night’s “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” 23 minutes with no advertising, only [...]

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Starting a business question from a blog reader

I began answering this question from one of my readers, and then just figured I might as well turn this into a blog post so others can benefit from it. The following question was asked: Q: I was wondering if you would mind taking time and jotting down a few pointers for me to follow [...]

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Does your eBay business run without you?

For most people, their eBay business dominates their lives… Day in and day out, business owners are working IN their business, looking for new products to sell, listing items for sale, answering customer service emails, organizing their inventory, packaging up orders…. Does this sound like you? It used to sound like me, but it doesn’t [...]

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Learning From Others

One of the challenges faced by anyone running a start-up or small business is learning what you need to know, before your lack of knowledge trips you up big time. Reading business books and accessing online info like StartupNation are two important ways to learn. (Have you checked out 10 Steps to Grow Your Business lately?) [...]

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Faxes for the Landline-less

This is a quick gem for today: I don't have a landline. (Yes, in our house, we have 3 Nextel cell phones, in 3 area codes, but not a single landline.) So when a client needs an invoice faxed or wants to fax a print project markup to me, I end up having to get [...]

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Graduate from college … and buy a franchise?

An article in today’s NY Times, Don’t Go West Young Man … Buy Yourself a Franchise Instead, asks a very interesting question. Should recent college graduates without any real-world experience forgo corporate America and buy a franchise? Our research shows that less than 1% are currently doing that. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a [...]

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Using Multiple Contact Lists

Always remember that with the web, your content needs to be relevant to each reader. It has to be less about selling and more about providing. One way to do this is to maintain multiple contact lists or list segments. Not every message you send will be relevant for every customer. With web technology you [...]

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Be the “Best of the Best” Join the Carnival!

With all the advice I could possibly give you about your website, the one thing that is most overlooked is QUALITY CONTENT. If you make a bad product, you can't expect anyone to buy it. So why would you make a site full of unreadble, unrelevant, and unappealing content, and then expect anyone to read [...]

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I got a notice last week for my 30th high school reunion. (Please keep the age jokes to yourself…) I’m not sure if I’m going to go. I live 5 hours worth of air travel away, and have important meetings already scheduled on the same day. Beyond that, I’m not sure how I really feel about it. [...]

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Unleash Your Passion

I've been lying awake at night… unable to sleep. It'll be 2:00 in the morning and I'll get up and walk around the house, attempting to tame a mind that is racing with ideas. Does this happen to you? To be a true entrepreneur, it should. World-renowned entrepreneurship expert Michael Gerber, author of "The E-myth", [...]

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How NOT to Promote Yourself Online

I had always thought CEOs were really busy people—at least too busy to be wasting their time on internet chat board. But apparently I was wrong! John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods, proved himself to be the internet's most high-profiled troll recently. He anonymously posted to online chat boards, hyping up his own company and [...]

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Email Surveys

Over the past few posts I've written about the benefits of using email as a marketing medium. Last time I talked about how you can use email to gain instant feedback on products. You may not always know if people on the street read your flyers, but you can always track how many customers open [...]

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Don’t Tell Us You’re an Expert, PROVE IT!

It seems like everyone is an expert now. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By proving your knowledge in key places on the web so that you can be seen by potential business contacts! What is an expert anyway? There was this great graphic a while back on the blog "Creating Passionate [...]

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Pimped Out Search Functionality

The rockin' great web team here at StartUpNation  has done it again. This time they've made the Search Functionality on something to be proud of. You can search major sections of the site: Content, Blogs, Forums, Members, Marketplace. And an Advanced Search will help you fine tune the results even more. For example, this [...]

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Advertising Funds – Part II

Last week I posted a short opinion discussing advertising funds and the benefits and drawbacks associated with them (as it relates to franchises, specifically). One of my responses asked about a start-up franchise vs. a more established brand and it sparked me to pull some information from our research. We've polled over 40,000 franchisees from [...]

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achieving potential

The Free Rider Problem

Thought leader Dave Bayless has a fascinating post on what he calls the Free Rider Problem. He posts that in a small company, everyone’s contribution is visible and makes a big difference, but as a company grows, an increasing number of slackers sneak in, eventually driving out the high performers and leading to the death of the [...]

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