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Home Business Lessons They Taught Wrong in Kindergarten

Is it just me, or are all the cute little lessons you learned in kindergarten just not applicable when you become a home entrepreneur? Remember to share… When you’re an entrepreneur you need three forms of identification, a face-to-face meeting, a confidentiality agreement with a no-compete clause and a patent pending application just to share an idea! [...]

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Start your own franchise business – Part 2

Last month, we talked a little bit about the attributes necessary to turn your home based business into a franchise … you can find that post here. Well, what about branching out from the home based sector and becoming a franchisor of any type of business? According to Frandata and reiterated by Mark Siebert in [...]

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Another Slight for Startup Stella? I Think So

Well. Well. Well. A few days ago I was looking over the Startup Nation Home-Based 100 and tried to locate any mention of Startup Stella. Nope. No mention. Not a word. You’d think I had an "in" around here. So, I did what any other insane entrepreneur would do, I called up Startup Nation headquarters [...]

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Where to look for honest information

Every now and then one particular forum thread catches my attention within the StartupNation community. Recently, someone created a topic called, "Where to look for honest information" and I was reminded when I read through some of the helpful responses that finding reliable, credible information online is a huge challenge. There’s so much out there and [...]

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Critiquing Facebook’s new "Beacon" service

If you haven’t read about it already, Facebook is breaking new ground with their "Beacon" feature that associates purchases with purchases and creates member endorsements alongside ads.   Here’s a press release that describes the service: http://www.facebook.com/business/?beacon What do you think of this? getting on your "privacy" nerves? a good service to consumers trying to [...]

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RSS, Explained

I have done a lot of shouting in the past about why RSS subscriptions are good for you in terms of both time and resources—here, here and here are just a few examples. Today, however, I have found a great video that explains this all in very plain English for you non-techies. Enjoy!

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