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Web 2.0 Stuff

Yesterday we interviewed a candidate for a software developer position. When we got to the part of the interview where we ask if he has any questions for us, he asked me “why haven’t you updated your blog in a while?” I dug it a little bit and found out that part of his due [...]

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New Year’s Restitutions????

While most of you are thinking about your goals for the upcoming year, I am going through emails and semi-anonymous notes from friends and family members that offer suggestions of what I should do in 2008. Here, apparently, is my list of restitutions for 2008: Do not refer to hours or aimless web surfing as [...]

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go green

More than 40 million Boomers are all about ‘green’

Heads up, business owners. AARP just concluded a study among 30,000 boomers that shows a strong leaning toward green products and services. According to the study, 70% of boomers say they feel a responsibility to make the world a better place. Sounds to me like, if you haven’t already, you better kick your eco-conscious messaging [...]

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A Printer Cartridge in a Pear Tree?

In just a few days, they (and by they, I, of course, mean the global powers-that-be who control the media’s light holiday feature-type articles) will release their treasured summation of what the 12 Days of Christmas would cost in today’s dollars. I looked over the list. Unless you run a small organic farm and are in [...]

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Teenage phenomenon runs photography business

If you troll the StartupNation website for inspiration, look no further. Signe Brewster, one of our youngest members and a winner in the StartupNation Home-Based 100 "Most Slacker-Friendly" category, has done it, already. Unlike so many people who create obstacles to starting it up, Signe has made the leap and opened for business. While many of her [...]

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Home Business Lessons They Taught Wrong in Kindergarten

Is it just me, or are all the cute little lessons you learned in kindergarten just not applicable when you become a home entrepreneur? Remember to share… When you’re an entrepreneur you need three forms of identification, a face-to-face meeting, a confidentiality agreement with a no-compete clause and a patent pending application just to share an idea! [...]

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Start your own franchise business – Part 2

Last month, we talked a little bit about the attributes necessary to turn your home based business into a franchise … you can find that post here. Well, what about branching out from the home based sector and becoming a franchisor of any type of business? According to Frandata and reiterated by Mark Siebert in [...]

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