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Home Is Where The Boomer Business Is

 I’ve been excitedly awaiting the results of the new Homebased 100 contest.  As a regular contributor to the Boomers Back In Business blog and forum, and a coach of Boomer entrepreneurs myself, my attention has been particularly drawn to the winners in the Boomers Back In Business category.  What a wonderful variety of businesses are [...]

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Startup Story

Maybe it’s the soft spot in my heart for anyone brave or foolhardy enough to try a startup in the Rocky Mountain West, an area not known for its abundance of resources for entrepreneurs. Or maybe it’s my admiration for someone who goes out and does what others say can’t be done. Either way, I [...]

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Making a statement about home-based businesses

For the past four months, the StartupNation team has been engrossed in its boldest initiative yet – creating and publishing the first annual ranking of home-based businesses in America. Finally, after all of this effort, the 2007 StartupNation Home-Based 100 ranking results are now published at our site, and what a collection of incredible businesses it [...]

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2008 Franchisee Satisfaction Awards – Franchise Business Review

For the third year running, Franchise Business Review is hosting the Franchisee Satisfaction Awards. Each year, we pay tribute to the franchisors that are "doing it right" – putting their franchisees first and focusing on the things that matter most.. If you're interested in seeing the franchises that ranked highly in 2007, you can see [...]

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