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A Day For Yourself …

It's been a long few weeks … Let's recap: Wk of Oct 8 – Business travel, home very late Friday night, up first thing Sat am for UNC/USC game (6 hr round trip drive) Wk of Oct 15 – In town until Wed. Thursday – Sunday in Los Angeles for the West Coast Franchise Expo. [...]

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The Run-in, A Splice of Life from Home Entrepreneurship

There are only a few situations less horrifying to the home business entrepreneur than running into… the former co-worker. Uggghh. I  just had that situation this weekend. These run-ins always begin the same way for me… I drag my sorry keister out of bed a little too late. Then, I realize we’re out of milk… [...]

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Healthcare – If you want to learn about it, read on…

The small business people over at Wells Fargo recently asked me to moderate a panel on the topic of healthcare and the costs and impact healthcare has on small businesses. For some, healthcare may be the stumbling block that keeps them from ever endeavering into entrepreneurship – the dayjob’s health benefits are too much of a [...]

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The No Bull Prizes for Home Entrepreneurship

It’s that time of year again, time for the Nobel Prizes—a series of awards given to the best and brightest scientific minds. But… excuse me all the way to Oslo and back… did you notice any categories for Home Business Entrepreneurs? Well, then. I would like to award my first-ever No Bull Prizes for Entrepreneurs. [...]

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Espresso for the Home Business Soul

The great thing about being a home business entrepreneur, at least for me, is that that the corporate Kool-Aid stand has been officially closed down. You all know what corporate Kool-Aid is, right? It’s where management gets you all together to repeat things that they wish were true about your company… but really aren’t. Sort [...]

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Say What? Words That Never Pass a Home Bizzers’ Lips

My husband is always commenting that my career as a home business entrepreneur has certainly made my language more… ummm… colorful. He said I can now put together strings of syllables and consonants that I could have never even imagined in my staid life as office jockey. The best example of this colorized language comes right [...]

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