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Looking for your home-based business wisdom

We're always uploading new content at StartupNation.com, but lately, we've been especially obsessed with home-based business. We see it as the first frontier of entrepreneurship – the starting point for many and the permanent setting for those who relish the benefits of working at home. Heck, that's why we've launched the Home-Based 100. One article [...]

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The Dog Ate My Business Plan (and other excuses)

Enough moaning and groaning about all the reasons why you haven’t started your business, or made those important efforts to enhance your business. It’s way too easy to make excuses… like the ones you used to come up with when your homework wasn’t done for school. But in this case – it’s not a homework [...]

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Entrepreneurs: Git It While the Gittin’s Good

I was just instant-messaging with a small business owner friend of mine who is clearly in need of a Friday afternoon happy hour break from his hectic and wonderfully-full-of-great-business-from-lots-of-clients week. He shared with me that he'll be working both days this weekend. My IM response to him was … "Git it while the gittin's good.  [...]

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A disappointing letter from a fan

I got a letter from a fan who read about me in this month’s issue of Entrepreneur Magazine, asking me for my advice on how to launch their new eBay business. Specifically, they wanted to know what distributor would give them the best deal on iPods. This frustrates me…. I’m not frustrated with the person [...]

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The Post-It Note Approach to Success

I've noticed an extraordinary uptick in my performance lately. There are a few theories bouncing around our small office as to why. But it's perfectly clear to me. It correlates directly to the day I put up this game changing Post-It Note on my office door: And since this has been so powerful for me, [...]

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