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The fudge store phenomenon, and why it works

Do you like fudge? Chocolate? Peanut Butter flavor? Maybe, Pistachio? Or, how about Mint? Well you’ll be happy to know there’s an island in Northern Michigan called "Mackinac Island" (pronounced "Mackinaw", don’t ask me why) that has one small village on it, with one main drag where they serve over 10,000 pounds of fudge to [...]

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Thinking Big for the Home CEO

I get a lot of e-mails and messages from all of my Startup Nation fans asking for advice about their home businesses and about situations that are relevant to entrepreneurs. Here’s one: Dear Stella I went into business with my brother, but, he tends to arrive at the wrong decisions, i.e. the decisions that are [...]

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What’s better – street cred or straight dough?

We often say around here that entrepreneurs–especially home-based entrepreneurs –aren't after money first and foremost. Instead, they're seeking control, being their own boss, setting their own schedule, and yes, in that mix, making money. But there's a fracas in the StartupNation forums right now where people are debating the merits of making less money but [...]

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LOL! Oh, Really?

Since I set up my home office, I still like to e-mail my former cubicle inmates, most of whom are pretending to be working. I confess: I miss a little of the office prattle. When I crack jokes in my e-mail with one friend in particular, she’ll respond with “lol”. That stands for “laugh out [...]

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More on Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Joel’s post on working hard while customers are clamoring for your product or services struck a chord with me. A few of us at PFL were reminiscing yesterday about the "good old days" when we had to come in on Saturdays to process the overflow of orders that had come in during the week. At the [...]

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