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Home Based Franchising

With over 2,500 franchise concepts in the US alone, business owners are finding ways to appeal to investors. And one major way to do that is offer them the benefits of working from home. Several of our clients have perfected the system, including: At Matco Tools, franchise distributors of automotive tools and diagnostic and service [...]

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Cheesy Cellphones

Wow! Rich just outed our collective inner dweeb with his story about misplacing his cell in the frig. Next to some expensive cheese. On top of that, the blogosphere is full of iPhone reviews, including this from the famous blogger with Montana connections, Robert Scoble. I guess my Razor is officially no longer cool.   [...]

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eBay is Like Training Wheels for Your Business Career

Don’t know anything about business? What better way to get acclimated to the business world than to start one of your very own? But what about all the risk, up front cost, legal protection and marketing know-how that’s required to get a business off the ground? While there’s nothing wrong with starting a business of [...]

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