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The Free Rider Problem

Thought leader Dave Bayless has a fascinating post on what he calls the Free Rider Problem. He posits that in a small company, everyone’s contribution is visible and makes a big difference, but as a company grows, an increasing number of slackers sneak in, eventually driving out the high performers and leading to the death of the [...]

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Your New Website, in One Hour

A common problem we see here on StartupNation is bootstrapping entrepreneurs without the working capital to get their company website set up properly. Having a web presence is crucial for today's start-ups, but what do you do if you you don't have the money for a site or the knowledge to build your own? The [...]

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Using tracking stats to improve your marketing efforts

Last time I explained that  email offers some major benefits over print and other media. Email gives you quick feedback that allows you to design your message for your contacts. It's about providing value for your customers and connecting with the audience at large. Today I'll talk about how you can use email tracking to [...]

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The Power of "Track Record Marketing"

I ran a new route this morning. I was weaving through the neighborhood and come across a variety of homes for sale. Naturally, the homes have "For Sale" signs out in the front yard. But I noticed that not all For Sale signs are equal. I also learned the power of something I'll refer to [...]

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First Impressions II

Thanks for the responses. The point of my post about the sign on the front desk of the Mill Creek Inn in Lake Geneva Wisconsin was not to opine about whether they have the right to set some parameters around the use of their facilities. They of course have the right to set policies that [...]

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