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Who do your kids hang out with?

When I read this from Seth Godin, my first thought went to parenting. Contagious    Andrew Field is President of PrintingForLess.com, known by its thousands of happy customers as "America‘s Print Shop." He works and lives along the Yellowstone River in southwest Montana.

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Faxes for the Landline-less

This is a quick gem for today: I don't have a landline. (Yes, in our house, we have 3 Nextel cell phones, in 3 area codes, but not a single landline.) So when a client needs an invoice faxed or wants to fax a print project markup to me, I end up having to get [...]

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Graduate from college … and buy a franchise?

An article in today's NY Times, Don't Go West Young Man … Buy Yourself a Franchise Instead,   asks a very interesting question. Should recent college graduates without any real-world experience forgo corporate America and buy a franchise? Our research shows that less than 1% are currently doing that. But that doesn't mean it isn't [...]

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Using Multiple Contact Lists

Always remember that with the web, your content needs to be relevant to each reader. It has to be less about selling and more about providing. One way to do this is to maintain multiple contact lists or list segments. Not every message you send will be relevant for every customer. With web technology you [...]

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I got a notice last week for my 30th high school reunion. (Please keep the age jokes to yourself…) I’m not sure if I’m going to go. I live 5 hours worth of air travel away, and have important meetings already scheduled on the same day. Beyond that, I’m not sure how I really feel about it. [...]

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