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Getting in Bed with Venture Capitalists

Marc Andreessen, famous co-founder of Netscape, finally comes clean with his opinions about entering a relationship with VC’s. Bottom line: it ain’t a free lunch. As a really smart entrepreneur I know says: "Partners are for dancing." http://blog.pmarca.com/2007/06/the_truth_about.html  There are a variety of circumstances where partnering with VC’s is the best move. But before you [...]

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An Entrepreneur’s Theory of Relativity

You gotta love Albert Einstein. I'm not sure what he was blessed with more – genius or sense of humor. For example, check out this quote by him: When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it's only a minute. But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute [...]

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Avoiding Spam Filters

Large Internet Service Providers like AOL, MSN and Yahoo filter millions of spam messages each day. They accomplish this by using filters that search for words commonly used in spam messages and move these messages to a junk or bulk folder. If you want to avoid having your messages filtered, you need to avoid using [...]

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Meet Corey Kossack at eBay Live!

Hi guys, Sorry to have been away this last week – preparations for this year’s eBay Live! have been time-consuming… I’m packing my bags and heading to Boston tomorrow, where eBay Live! will be held this Thursday-Saturday. For those of you who are attending, I will be speaking on the “Top Seller Panel: Metrics to [...]

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Are You Boring People to Death?

It slays me when a presenter in a meeting or at a conference throws up PowerPoint slides full of words, then proceeds to read them to the audience. I mean, if words alone are enough to communicate your ideas, send an email. If you use PowerPoint for sales presentations or internal communications, you’ve got to [...]

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We’re Pleased to Present the StartupNation Boomer Blog

Hi, I’m Jeff Williams, Boomer entrepreneur and chief coach for Bizstarters, and now the newest blogger for StartupNation. I’m very pleased to be joining the network of experts who provide advice and thoughtful perspective through the various blogs presented on the StartupNation website. You may be wondering why we’ve added a blog specifically aimed to [...]

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