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Loneliness on Fathers’ Day

Seth Godin and his readers have some great observations on loneliness. Happy Fathers Day to all! http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2007/06/everyone_is_lon.html Please feel free to post comments here or to Seth directly. He has one of the most highly-visited blogs on the web. Andrew Field is President of PrintingForLess.com, known by its thousands of happy customers as "America‘s Print Shop." [...]

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Inside eBay Live! Town Hall 2007 from Boston

Today I stood in front of what I can only imagine was somewhere between 1500-2000 eBay sellers at the eBay Live! Town Hall. Town Halls are put together by eBay to allow the community to speak their mind about the good, bad and everything in between as it relates to their eBay businesses and how [...]

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I am green with business

I know it's bad to be green with envy. But it sure is good to be green with business. Responding to the groundswell of "green practices" in big and small business today, we've created a brand new forum category at StartupNation dedicated to All Things Green in business. It's a sign of the times, no? [...]

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Live blogging from eBay Live!

I’m sitting in my hotel room after the second day of eBay Live! 2007 in Boston. I’m experiencing the conflicting feeling of intense exhaustion mixed with excitement. This is truly a great event. If for no other reason, eBay Live! is tremendous because you get to meet eBay sellers at all levels, and I’ve found [...]

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It’s Not Easy Letting the Big Fish Go.

Things are still hoppin’, as you can tell by my lack of posts. My 5-y-o son just graduated from preschool, so he’s home full time now. My 2-y-o son is into everything, as most toddlers are. My husband just had back surgery, which didn’t completely work, so now he’s getting cortisone shots in his tailbone [...]

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Managing Email Bounces

Managing and reducing email bounces is crucial for email marketing. The more emails that get through, the higher your conversion rates and return on investment will be. On average, about 10% of sent emails bounce. Emails bounce for any of the following reasons: the recipient's inbox is full, the email address does not exist, the [...]

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