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Apple’s new iPhone

Ravenous. That’s how I describe the scene today at SouthPark Mall in Charlotte, NC. My wife and I were goofing around and thought we would check out the Apple store. Bad idea for my sanity but a great example of branding at its best. So when I got home, I checked YouTube & Digg.com to [...]

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The cell phone is in the cheese drawer

Having trouble keeping up? Can't remember if that important meeting was happening this week? Or was it next week? Sleepless laying in bed at night, roiling over the 14 other things you were supposed to finish but didn't? Then you'll appreciate what happened to me this morning. Woke at 6a. Bleary. Rose. Dressed for a [...]

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Microsoft’s Sender-ID System

Last week I talked about the pros and cons of double opt-in. Today I want to talk about Microsoft's Sender ID system. Sender ID is the method Microsoft uses to check whether an email is actually coming from the company that they headers say it is coming from. This is especially effective against phishing (an [...]

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Bad Business Practice

Just venting about a bad business practice… There are all sorts of business practices that don't make sense, and here's one minor, but very annoying one to illustrate the point: Price or info labels that are adhered to the product you buy and don't come off without ripping and leaving tears of backing and stickiness [...]

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