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Put the fish closer to the camera!!! (The Power of Perception)

Had an experience recently that reminded me of a crucial marketing/sales principle… it's the idea that you should do whatever you can to get people to perceive you (and your business) positively. You might call it, "The Power of Perception." The reminder came to me while wading into the freezing cold Springtime waters of the [...]

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My Two Cents on the Drop in eBay Listings

In response to my last blog post, here’s my two cents on the 2% reduction in active listings on eBay.com during the first quarter of 07. It is not eBay fees in general that causes this decline, but more specifically, eBay insertion fees. So you might be asking, why now? eBay insertion fees have only gone [...]

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Networking at Trade Shows

Last time I talked about growing a contact list by networking. Over the next few posts I'll talk about some specific places that are excellent networking opportunities. Today I'd like to talk about trade shows. Trade shows are an excellent resource for good sales leads. The costumers you meet are pretty much pre-selected buyers. The [...]

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Networking a Large Contact List

For many marketers the gold is in the list. Building a large and effective contact list is one of the more important activities your business can undertake. The more your message is heard, the more you can ultimately sell. In this post I’ll explain how networking can help you grow your list. If there’s one [...]

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eBay CEO Meg Whitman on the cover of Forbes

There is an interesting cover story in this month’s edition of Forbes Magazine featuring eBay CEO Meg Whitman. Entitled “What Would Meg Do?”, the article talks about what Meg is like as a leader, the rapid growth of eBay since 2000, and how that growth is now beginning to calm down. While eBay recorded a [...]

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