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The Dip-Lovin’ Post Office Ladies Saved My Behind!

This has been a good week business-wise! I was recently highlighted in a trade magazine that targets country-style stores and I have been getting a lot of wholesale inquiries as a result. Yesterday, I sent out more than a dozen envelopes with samples inside to stores that had requested them. This almost turned into a [...]

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4 tips to an effective sign-up form

Last time I talked about some ways to build a large and valuable contact list. I talked about seminars, point-of-sale sign-up forms and events. Customers who you can't meet in person should still be able to join your contact list. That's why it's important to have an effective sign-up form on your website. Here are [...]

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Richard Branson’s "Luck"

I just read this in the May 14 issue of The New Yorker and wanted to pass it along. Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin Atlantic (and about 130 other "Virgin" brands) says about entrepreneurship: I don't think I am different really from any entrepreneur. You have to stick you neck out on occasion. You have [...]

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Are you up to it?

A thirst for knowledge is essential for those who truly want to become successful entrepreneurs. As a small business owner, I know the fundamental challenge that every business owner faces: time. "I don't have time to read books, I have too much going on right now", I have said over and over again to my [...]

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The Art of Selling … What techniques work well for you?

The ability to market (sell) your business to the public could be one of the most important steps to succeeding. Franchisors are not only selling products to consumers … but they are also convincing other entrepreneurs to buy in to their businesses. What are some of you doing to market your business or service? Email [...]

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The rise of a VERY young entrepreneur

A fellow author and new friend of mine, Ben Casnocha just released his book and is screaming up the charts on Amazon. Ben is even younger than I am! I had the chance to hear him speak in Tucson and his story is great. Help out a fellow young entrepreneur and purchase his book, My [...]

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