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The Deliverability Challenge

Email is a powerful marketing tool. It certainly beats the price of print advertisements. However, one major challenge is to make sure your messages aren't lumped in with spam. It's estimated that between 70 and 80 percent of all email traffic is unsolicited spam. Even if each of your recipients opt into your contact list, [...]

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Good networking. Great inspiration!

Inspirational examples of people who are MAKING IT HAPPEN are all around us. Several StartupNation community members gathered in Northern California recently to meet up, get smarter, and get inspired by each other, and it was hosted at the TechShop, the brainstorm of an active StartupNation community member nicknamed, TechShopJim here in the StartupNation discussion forums. [...]

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eBay creating competition for its own sellers!

It is rare that I get upset with eBay, but this one hits really close to home… As Ina Steiner pointed out on her AuctionBytes Blog, eBay is now sending DVD shoppers to Netflix. When someone searches for a DVD on eBay (for example, type in “Sopranos DVD” into a search), a big banner will [...]

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Day Old Sushi

Seth Godin finds some wild stuff. In this case, a store selling day-old sushi at a discount. Seems logical on one level, but totally gross on another level. A good lesson for all of us on how we market our goods and services.                         

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