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The Top Ten Email Marketing Tips

Let’s begin with the most important information first. Here is a Top 10 Countdown on the important tips for anyone managing the email marketing process from my perspective. Tips Five through One will be coming next week! #10 Build Your List at Every Opportunity Build your list at every opportunity you have. If you have [...]

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The Genesis

Just wanted to welcome you to the Email Marketing Tips & Advice blog on StartupNation. I’ll be posting here at least weekly with best practices, tips, and tricks for building your list and turning your prospects and subscribers into lifetime passionate evangelizers. Cheers, Ryan Allis

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The Small Business Family

I’m reminded today that all of life is about relationships with other humans. StartupNation headquarters is not the bustling place that it normally is today. It’s because many of our team members are not here in the office today. Oh, the ones who are here are every bit as bustling as they normally are, but [...]

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I’ve recently had to deal with some delusional employees. In all three cases, they thought that they were top performers, worth double or more their current compensation. This, even though two of the three had been here for less than a year, and had average performance at best. But they had told themselves stories. In [...]

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The Importance of Convenience as a Small Business

I think I’m turning into a convenience freak. I suppose it’s not all that surprising. For those of us who are really important people, our time is limited and we need to take best advantage of every possible minute. (OK, I’m not actually important at all – but still, I do try to fit as [...]

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How to get your customers to hate you.

A couple weeks ago six of us were on our way to a long-awaited vacation in Hawaii. The first air leg was Bozeman to Salt Lake City. Due to fog in SLC, we were late getting off the ground in Bozeman. Nonetheless, we landed in SLC 10 minutes before the departure time of the SLC-Honolulu [...]

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