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Numbers Game

Headline: "Autodesk Inc. reported its revenue for the fourth quarter on Tuesday, and also said it will restate financial results for past years. The San Rafael company (NASDAQ: ADSK) hasn’t reported its profit or loss in recent quarters because it is looking into its stock option grants to employees. On Tuesday, the company said it [...]

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How to REALLY make money with your eBay business

After speaking at eBay’s annual convention and training event eBay Live last June, one thing became very clear to me… So many eBay sellers had blinders on when it came to what was really going on with their eBay business. As an entrepreneur selling on eBay, you tend to have this deep urge to see [...]

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Business Owners Need to Know When and How

I blogged earlier in the month about a contest that we ran at and the overwhelmingly “I LOVE THIS CONTEST” reactions we received. I was surprised and surmised that the combination of competition and learning is what appealed to the StartupNation community of entrepreneurs. Give an entrepreneur a challenge while telling her that she’s [...]

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Business Startup Good Ideas & Bad Ones

The community is rockin’ powerful. How do I know? I often am contacted by a community member who finds that their forum comments show up in a Google search for their company name or website. This is good, no? Well, it depends. If your comments are positive, encouraging, smart & provocative and add value [...]

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How Do You Know?

In response to my post on Delusional People Nikole asked: "I now have employees, who are representatives of my name, working for me. And how do I know they are going to do the best job possible?" Her question about "how do I know" is a great one! Here at PFL we have been talking [...]

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Penelope took a break from her desk today and went outside to let her dog get some fresh air. While she was outside, I snapped this picture of her stretching, with the Absaroka Beartooth wilderness in the background. It reminded me that in a high-growth company, flexibility is essential. Everybody needs to be willing to [...]

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