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Do you like music? You’ve got a business idea.

I had a conversation today with Lynne Sandler on the StartupNation community podcast. She figured that similar music tastes might be a good foundation for a dating partner so she created “A Sound Match” online dating service based on her theory. I mean, c’mon! You say you can’t think of an idea for a business? [...]

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StartupNation Community Podcast Has Launched !!

Yee-Haw !!! Whoopee !! Whoa Nellie !! The brand new StartupNation Community Podcast is rockin’ and it’s a rollin’! It may have been a bit of a sneak attack, coming in under the cloak of darkness … but the light is shining on it now, and there’s no more flying under the radar. You WANT [...]

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Getting Engaged to Entrepreneurship

Well, it happened again. I had the best intentions to go into management consulting following my recent departure from Charisma Arts, but it seems like I’ll be starting another business. Just can’t escape it! I was discussing this last night with a new friend who is at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. She is a Senior Manager there but [...]

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Say hello to Cheryl Tallman

We’re excited to welcome Cheryl Tallman as a guest blogger on StartupNation, she’ll be contributing regularly to add her perspectives as a successful Mompreneur – here’s a brief bio for our newest blog team member: Cheryl is an ambitious and versatile executive and entrepreneur with proven abilities in building and managing all aspects of business. [...]

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