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What’s OUT! What’s IN! The ‘Wayne Gretzky’ Small Business Trend Spotting Strategy

Out: heal-hurting leather-soled dress shoes Out: Clothes Out: Web 1.0 In: run-through-the-airport rubber-soled dress shoes In: Working from a home office via computer In: Web 2.0 Out: Tanning beds Out: Thinking out of the box Out: business devices with a cord (including white cords) In: Healthy tanning……….Sunless tanning, spray or lotion! In: Not allowing yourself [...]

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Contest Winners Every Day from Dell and StartupNation

We launched a contest last week in partnership with Dell where you can enter every day between last Monday September 18 & November 16 to win. Pretty cool prizes too: you can instantly win a Dell Handheld, Dell Laser Printer, or a 50” Dell Flat Panel TV. Some of the winners have bragged about their [...]

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When Small Business Opportunity Knocks, Answer the Door!

You say you’re not an entrepreneur? You look at Henry Ford & Ray Kroc and say, “Well, that was all fine & dandy for them, but I’m not even close to inventing the automobile assembly line or the greatest hamburger that 29 cents can buy.” (that’s what the McDonald’s hamburgers cost when I was a [...]

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I Have the Best Franchise Idea Since McDonald’s

How many times have you heard that from your friends, relatives at Thanksgiving dinner or even someone you just met for the first time? You just gotta love their enthusiasm. The thing is, they just might! How do you know if your idea (or Uncle Ralph’s) has some beef behind it or is as soggy [...]

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Dell Serves Up a Chance to Win!

StartupNation has partnered with Dell on an exciting new contest – you can register for a chance to instantly win a Dell Handheld, Dell Laser Printer, or a 50” Dell Flat Panel TV. You can play the instant win game every day between Monday September 18 and November 16. Head on over to this page [...]

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