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Archive for January, 2006

Entrepreneurship is what Africa needs

We received this message today from a Zimbabwe-based soon-to-be entrepreneur. Here’s what Kuda wrote us: message: Hi guys , what a great website you have its quite informative , i am in Harare Zimbabwe, eager to start up my own business and i can say the resources you availed to me on the website will [...]

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A Bubbly Niche!

My husband went to the doctor this week. His doctor is always reading about the latest in vitamin and medical research and usually has a new topic to discuss during each visit. This time it was the “Gluten-Free” diet. Many autistic children are on this diet. It is also recommended for variety of other conditions, [...]

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Business startup advice: Be attentive to your customer

Today is a special day for me. It’s exactly six weeks since my hip replacement surgery. At six weeks you’re allowed to do all kinds of things that you weren’t allowed to do after surgery. For instance, I’m allowed to lean forward while sitting in a chair. I can stop using a raised toilet seat. [...]

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Craig of Craigslist… visionary or listener?

We had a great hour with Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist this weekend, unearthing the seeds of his success and giving you access to him through our call-in radio program. It was a great hour for us, and Craig loved the variety of calls and the opportunity to share his wisdom. During the program, we [...]

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The Super Bowl creates unique business opportunities

Who are you rooting for? The National Football League Super Bowl is here (literally here in Detroit) and it’s time to choose sides. Steelers or Seahawks? Vintage franchise from the 1930′s with four Super Bowl titles already in hand or "upstart" pacific northwest team on their virgin Super Bowl run? Well, I don’t care about [...]

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