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My favorite holiday promotion yet…

(Entry by Rich Sloan) The deluge of holiday promotions is getting overwhelming. Offers for free shipping, unheard of discounts, etc., are EVERYWHERE! One recent promotional mailing, though, actually stopped me in my tracks. It was clever, different, and made me smile. It was from the local optical shop where i’d had an eye exam and [...]

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Holiday Shopping Tips From StartupNation

StartupNation Radio is your secret to holiday shopping. Okay, nobody else at StartupNation is making that claim, but my holiday shopping is almost done, and I couldn’t have done it without StartupNation. If you listen to any or all of the StartupNation radio shows online, you can learn about starting and running your business so [...]

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New stuff every day? We’re listening.

I love a website that has something new on it each day that I visit. If I know that a site will have something fresh for me every day, that’s one that I’ll revisit constantly. This is going to happen at StartupNation.com. We already do crank out a ton of great entrepreneurial content: articles, radio [...]

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On The Verge of Something Big

You think you have everything in order. You created a plan. You’ve made the contact. Things look good. And you are just waiting for the big deal to come through. And waiting. And waiting. I think The Verge is the most exciting place for an entreprenuer. But if you stay there too long, it’s a [...]

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Finding the ”where” of success

In Rich Karlgaard’s book, Life 2.0, he focuses on how people have transformed their lives by moving to a new city, town, tract of land. In reading the book, it reinforced our belief that it’s key to pursue the things that make you happy and then build a business around that. Basically, the book argues [...]

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And You Thought You Had Problems!

I asked Jeff Landers from www.offices2share.com to forward some of the entries they received in the "Home Office from Hell" contest I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. These are my personal favorites. I laughed out loud at many of them, so thought I would share. • When my wife runs the washing machine [...]

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