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The power is out at StartupNation headquarters right now. Word is that someone cut a power line & it may be up to 5 hours before electricity is restored. So, do we take the rest of the day off? Go for a long walk, or take a nap? It was fascinating to see the StartupNation [...]

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Reinventing yourself and your business

Milton Hershey, David Bowie, and Bill Bradley did it. “Madonna” and “The Donald” have made careers of it. We were talking about entrepreneurs in many fields who reinvented themselves once, twice, or on a regular basis. Here’s a list of some of the ones we mentioned, and I hope you will add some of your [...]

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Summer of ’05: we will miss you

The leaves on the ground and the Michigan football victory on Saturday aren’t the only reminders that fall is upon us – there are also the roving masses of new and returning students here in Ann Arbor, and the almost complete unavailability of thefacebook.com as we all pound its servers uploading photos of ourselves from [...]

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