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Are you reactive or proactive?

It occurs to me that most of the success I have had in life has been in spite of any discipline or focus on tasks. This is beginning to create problems at my new company, and I am determined to fix it. Not only does Charisma Sciences have our coaching service, but we are also [...]

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Lunch from hell

We’ve been to some real doozies of business lunch meetings…including some awkward situations where we had to make on-the-spot judgement calls on what was appropriate to do. Just to make sure we’re acting appropriately, we thought we’d tap your thoughts about proper etiquette during a business lunch. Here’s a typical scenario: Harry calls you at [...]

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An opportunity to work with a fellow entrepreneur

An entrepreneur named "Matt S." contacted us this week. He’s looking for help. Here was his initial email to us (via our “CONTACT” link at StartupNation.com): Hi– I’m desperate to launch a couple e-business ideas, but need a more tech-savvy partner. Would you have a resource for finding business partners? Love the website, by the [...]

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Incredible outpouring of help

We owe a BIG thanks to the people who stepped up last week as volunteers to test drive our soon-to-be-released "10 Steps to Start Up" online process. You know who you are–BRAVO!!! We’ll be working with you closely in the weeks ahead. When the 10-Step program is released on StartupNation.com, we’re planning to list out [...]

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