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StartupNation 10 Steps to Open for Business

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10 Steps to Open for Business

Use our proven, step-by-step process to help you achieve startup success. The 10 Steps to Open for Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream business!

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Cheryl Contee Takes on the Tech Industry

Taking on the Tech Industry Many innovators have those fork-in-the-road moments, when they decide with certainty that they’ll stray from the beaten path and become…

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Ask an Entrepreneur - What makes Stephanie MacConnell tick?

Stephanie MacConnell, CEO and co-founder of SpareStub, Astoria, N.Y. Here at Lioness Magazine we like to talk to entrepreneurs to find out what makes them…

Small Business

Breakenridge First Woman To Join New #50Shows Movement For Women

Women get a voice! Jim Nico and Dr. Jane Belland Karwoski want women to have a voice. When the suicide of 15-year-old Amanda Todd made…


Seven End-of-Year Tax Planning Strategies

How to improve your tax planning strategies As the year draws to a close, now is the time to strategize and look at possible tax…


Forecasting: A How to Guide

Forecasting can be a key to your survival. Knowing when new business will come and how to prepare your operations to handle demand will all…

Pre-launch Questions

Are you ready to quit your job and launch your company?

Steps to consider BEFORE you quit your job and launch your company One of the biggest challenges for most entrepreneurs, especially those with established careers,…


4 Apps that Help You Run a Secure Business

Apps that Help You Run a Secure Business It seems like smartphones and tablets are becoming indispensable in the business world each day. With the…


Quick Guide to Going Online

Going online couldn't be easier! Did you know that about 40% of the worlds population has an internet connection and is online? Every second eight…

International Business

Going Corporate: Apply These Lessons from Big Business to your Small Business Today

Going Corporate - You can do it! One thing is universally true: What every small business wants to be is a big business. As a…

Holiday Season

Customers are for Life and Not Just for Christmas

Customers: Treat 'em right year around to keep them coming back! Let's face it: we are wrapped-up in the mist of winter. As our advent…

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