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10 Steps to Open for Business

Use our proven, step-by-step process to help you achieve startup success. The 10 Steps to Open for Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream business!

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International Business

Generating a Lead vs. Buying a Lead

Should Small Businesses Buy or Generate Leads? I get calls occasionally from people who want to know what I charge for a sales lead. For…


Use customer development to better your product

Using customer development to better your product Anita B. Newton Anita B. Newton has 20 years of experience helping large marketing…


Need a quick and dirty fundraising plan?

The Quick-And-Dirty Fundraising Plan You wouldn’t build a house without a blueprint. You wouldn’t cook a new dish without a recipe. You wouldn’t take a…


Get Paid Every Time Without Having To Call The Mob

How to get paid when providing a service or product You know when someone reaches over and steals a fry, and for the slightest split…


Why Some Customers Prefer to Shop in a Store vs Online

Stock your store and they will come! While there is a big focus on ecommerce and online shopping, brick and mortar stores are still very…


If you’re not doing this one SEO basic, you’re doing it wrong

Use SEO to win new customers Every day we come across countless articles that talk about the complexities of SEO. All of which are important…


Don't Make The Most Common Startup Budget Mistakes

Common Mistakes of Startup Budgets Even though start-ups are meant to focus on the creative work, they cannot escape that one thing, which always comes…


Original and Targeted, BtoB Content Equals Sales

Are you writing original, BtoB content specific to your target market? With so much content on the Internet today, it’s easy to “copy and paste”…


5 Ingenious Ways to Market Your Business

Commit to Growth with 5 Ingenious Ways to Market Your Business Marketing is a key part of any successful business strategy. If you’re committed to…


Foreign Investment in Europe and SMEs

Foreign Investment - FDI Figures Show European Countries Are Very Attractive Right Now! Nowadays, businesses are witnessing globalisation on a larger scale and both SMEs…

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