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StartupNation 10 Steps to Open for Business

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10 Steps to Open for Business

Use our proven, step-by-step process to help you achieve startup success. The 10 Steps to Open for Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start their dream business!

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Four Things to Include in Every Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreements: Using factors that can work in your favor Creating a licensing framework is a complex process because everyone involved wants to benefit from…


How do you hire the right people?

Finding the right people: How do you hire yours? Last year over 500 UK business leaders were surveyed about their attitudes towards staff development and…

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4 Crucial Tips When Applying for Startup Finance

The Process of Applying for Startup Finance Applying for funding or for a loan as a small business or startup presents a variety of challenges…


5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Cloud Migration

Doing business from the "clouds" Small business owners face a lot of challenges when it comes to setting up a routine and structure that suits…


Underinsurance: 75% of US businesses are Currently Underinsured

5 Underinsurance Mistakes to Avoid as a Startup It is thought that up to as many as 80% of UK businesses and 75% of US…

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Four Lessons I Learned About Bootstrapping After I Bought My Business

Bootstrapping: It ain't easy! It’s a fairly well known fact that I didn’t start MyCorp – though I’ve worked with the company in different roles…


Doubling Blog Traffic: The Story of a Small Start-up

Tips for Doubling Blog Traffic: You can do it! In the past two months the traffic to Ri Web’s website has doubled and our sales…

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The 10 Commandments Of Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing: The Order Of Importance For Your Selling Arguments Why are some proposals a success when others aren’t? Why do some people rise to…


Set Your Business Apart with a Customer Inner Circle

Get in touch with a "Customer Inner Circle" When you were first starting out in business, you had a few friends, family members and customers…

Business Funding

Raise Capital Online for Your Foodie Dream

Prepping Your Food Business To Raise Capital Online Gil Michel-Garcia has mastered the technique of crowdfunding, raising more than $1 million for his food-based company.…

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